About Me

Hello current and future travellers!  My name is Aisha (pronounced with two syllables, eye-sha) and I am a native New Yorker with Cerebral Palsy.  I am an Environmental Engineer by day and, in my head, a Photojournalist at night.  I am excited to share my experiences with you via “The World is Yours Blog”.

Having an extremely diverse heritage, I have always had an immense curiosity and passion for exploring other cultures.  My father was born and raised in Senegal and my mother’s parents were from Jamaica and Panama.  At an early age this mixture gave me exposure to various languages, music, art, and food.  A culture seed had been planted…

I can remember the sights and smells from travelling to Jamaica with my mother as a child.  Photographs from St. Croix with my father and numerous road trips up and down the East Coast of the United States as a child bring back fond memories.  A travel seed had been planted…

As a result, these seeds blossomed and allowed me to grow into an adventurous traveller who loves to explore the globe with a camera by my side.  This blog will show you our amazing world through my eyes and my unique lens.  The World Is Yours Blog started in 2016 so it will cover pre-blog globetrotting adventures as well as current escapades.  I hope you enjoy the stories and photographs as much as I do.

about me

The world is yours – go and see it……..